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In mould labelling offers several major advantage

There are several major advantages to in mould label:

Maximum print quality
The offset printing method ensures high resolution images. In addition, you can decorate all the edges of a dish with a sticker.
Strong and healthy
In the form of labels resist moisture and large temperature changes: the best solution for decorating plastic containers for frozen and refrigerated products! In the molds, the in mould labels are scratch resistant, can not crack and are not sensitive to wrinkles.
Shorter production time and lower production costs
During the molding process, the dishes are produced and decorated in one step. Empty container storage becomes unnecessary, maintenance and shipping costs are a thing of the past.
Labeling the mold saves the environment: The packaging and the label are made of the same material and can therefore be completely recycled.
Wide range of appearance and feel options
The same plastic packaging product can be decorated with a wide range of different materials, inks and varnishes. This will allow you to differentiate your product on the shelf.
Rapid design change
Just one change from one label design to another in IML Automation requires you to make a quick change. There is almost no production drop when launching a new project.

When launching an IML project, it is important to inform not only the label providers about the ultimate goal of the project, but also the other partners involved, such as the process machine, template partners, and automation. Exchanging production parameters between all partners helps you make every IML project a success!