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IML technology

By Ani | Aug.18,2021

IML in mold labeling process is a revolutionary new customization process for thin-walled packaging containers, which successfully solves the pollution problem of directly pasting or printing labels on containers. IML operation is adopted, and the label is perfectly combined with the container, which greatly improves the grade of thin-walled container.

When the IML project is ready for development, the injection molding plant, IML label supplier, mold plant and automation equipment supplier shall participate together and coordinate the project development according to the project schedule until the IML project is successfully developed.

IML label is made of polypropylene film, which is the best medium for high-resolution image reproduction. The label can choose matte or bright, partially or completely transparent, smooth or textured surface; The IML process can also choose to completely or partially cover the packaging.

The IML label in the mold usually follows the contour of the container and can also extend to multiple sides of the container. Depending on the material, the IML label can also be used as a high-strength barrier to increase the retention time of the contents in the container.