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Wath is the in mould label?

In mould label
What is injection mould?
The injection moulding process is based on injecting material into a mould. The technique is most commonly performed with thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. During the injection moulding process an amount of heated liquid mass is injected under high pressure into a mould. The mass cools off and solidifies in the shape of the mould. Injection moulding is used for all kinds of containers, such as butter tubs and yoghurt pots.

What is injection mould - in mould label?

IML for injection moulding means that the decoration of the product takes place in the mould. An IML label is inserted into the mould. During the injection process, the injected molten polymer fuses with the in mould label. The end result is a decorated packaging part, produced in one step.

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