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How to choose heat transfer?


Last time we have talked classification of heat transfer. Heat transfer is divided into gravure heat transfer (suitable for a large number of printing methods) and digital heat transfer (suitable for small quantities, make your own special products).

Today we will talking why choose gravure heat transfer for large quantities? Should I choose digital heat  transfer when the quantity is small?

Because heat transfer requires the production of electric engraving, while digital thermal transfer does not require the production of electric engraving.

In contrast, the cost of thermal transfer is relatively high, but why do people still choose heat transfer when the quantity is large?

In addition to quality issues, the most important issue is productivity. Gravure heat transfer can print thousands of products in one hour. , But digital thermal transfer can only print about a hundred products in one hour. So if it is just making some commemorative gifts, people will choose digital heat transfer, but if the manufacturer needs to print, they will choose heat transfer.

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