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Heat transfer label printing process

By Ani | Sep.01,2021

Packaging is also an important factor in determining consumers' purchase of products. In the survey, 58% of consumers are very concerned about the packaging design of food and beverage, and 62% of consumers said that the innovation in packaging design can make them more willing to buy this product. "

When you don't know a brand or a product, packaging is often the first to attract consumers. In fact, the truth is the same as looking at people. When you don't know a person, you often focus on appearance at first sight.

For the food and beverage industry, packaging can be said to be as important as products. Packaging not only plays a role in protecting food, but also a bridge between consumers and brands, transmitting the value of the brand to consumers.

"Aesthetics is also productivity", and catering packaging aesthetics is also the key to the reform of catering industry. With the continuous improvement of consumer demand and the rejuvenation of the main consumption force, the cognition of packaging has risen to many levels, such as appearance, traceability, efficacy, environmental protection and so on.

Heat transfer printing is widely used in packaging and is suitable for the surface of various plastic products.

The heat transfer printing pattern can 100% restore your design pattern and your design creativity.

Production process of heat transfer printing

1. Send your design to our factory

2. The factory makes plates according to the design drawings

3. It is produced on the gravure printing machine

4. Cut according to the size suitable for the product

5. Inspection

6. Packing and delivery

After receiving the film printed with the design pattern, the customer uses the heat transfer machine to transfer the pattern to the surface of plastic products through high temperature and pressure.

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