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What is the different between IML & heat transfer film

By Ani | Sep.08,2021

About the difference between In Mould Label (IML) and Heat Transfer Film (HTF)

1. First, distinguish from the process

IML, put the film into the mold. After injection molding, the film and the product are integrated.

HTF, after injection or blow molding,the patterns are transfer on the surface of product by heat transfer printing machine. Only the pattern ink remains on the surface of the product, and the film is separated from the product.

2. Scope of application

IML for injection molded products only.

HTF can be used for injection molding products and blow molding products.

3. Applicable area

IML, the film shall completely cover the product surface, and there are certain requirements for the mold structure.

HTF, can be just part, and cover all of surface is impossible (95% product)

In addition, IML can realize automatic production. HTF is suitable for factories with low labor cost.

In conclusion, IML &HTF has no absolute advantages and disadvantages. We can choose the most suitable way according to our products.

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